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EcoVadis - Our Journey to Gold!

We are thrilled to announce the results of our recent EcoVadis assessment, earning the Gold Badge. With a score of 75/100, placing the company in the top 97th percentile globally. This recognition is a testament to our steady commitment to sustainability, ethics, and sustainable procurements, and to our overall efforts to embed sustainability in the promotional merchandise industry.
EcoVadis is one of the leading platforms that evaluates the environmental and social performance of companies, with over 130 000 companies completing the assessment worldwide. It provides businesses with sustainability ratings based on 4 core pillars - environmental impact, labour practices, ethics, and supply chain management. It's essentially a tool for assessing and benchmarking corporate sustainability efforts.
Earning the EcoVadis Gold Badge has filled us with great pride for all of us here at Nottage, particularly for the team that drove these results. It illuminates not only our dedication to shrinking our environmental footprint but also our commitment to strong ethical standards throughout our business operations. Our Director, Chris Terry, captured our sentiments perfectly: “We are extremely proud to be recognised by EcoVadis for our efforts. We take great pride in the fact that our dedication to shrinking our environmental footprint, sticking to strong ethics, and championing sustainability through our business has been acknowledged by a global leader in sustainability ratings.”
Earning the EcoVadis Gold Badge is just one of many milestones we aim to achieve. We remain committed to setting ambitious sustainability goals and measuring our progress transparently. This encourages us to continue innovating and improving our sustainability strategies, driving positive change within our industry and beyond.
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